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Daniel Swanson
Published by: Daniel Swanson on 02-Mar-22
Affiliate Marketing 101 - What You Need to Know to Start Affiliate Marketing?


When you are brand new to internet marketing you will be most likely interested to know how you can get paid for promoting someone else's product or services.

In simple words, when you refer a visitor who lands on a particular website to a merchant's offer, you will get a reward (also called commission). There are many different kinds of rewards that you can get for performing different actions, and there are many different kinds of products that you can promote.

For example, when a visitor clicks on your link and then lands on a merchant's offer, you will earn a certain percentage of the money that the visitor buys. Or when a visitor clicks your link and then lands on another website, he or she can make a further payment if he or she buys any products from the website.

2. How to get started?

 1. Go to one of the affiliate program directories and see which websites are offering affiliate programs. Make sure that you are promoting products from reputable merchants.
 2. Make sure that you have a website of your own where you can promote different kinds of offers.
 3. Next, you need to make sure that you are able to set up auto responders. It is important that you have complete control over the way that you deliver your content and content you place on your website.
 4. Now you need to find affiliate products that are in demand. You can join several affiliate networks to find many merchants who are offering products. After you join, you need to search through the merchants offering products and see which ones you are comfortable promoting.
 5. Finally, you need to find the right keywords that are most important for you to rank well for your website.

Here are the basics, which you will need to get started in the affiliate marketing.